Custom Additions

Reverse Flow `CONTENDER` Series Smoker/Grill

Starting at $2200

1/4 Material

This model has the same dimensions of the `Standard ` Series Reverse Flow Smoker.

The only big difference is  the material thickness. 1/4" not 1/8".

Baked on high temp powder coat for ​long life and great looks

4" swivel casters on the contender models
Can also be used as a charcoal grill

Very easy to operate

Can easily be used with a cyber Q or other pit controllers

​Air dampers on both intake and exhaust

Completely hand built in the USA

Heavy duty hand made steel wheels for long life, no rubber inflatable wheels
​2 LARGE racks 25 x 17 & 25 x 21 = 950 Sq. In.
Improved smoke stack design
probe port for thermometer wire

Custom `GrillFather` Logo Add $25


Reverse Flow `CONTENDER` Series Smoker/Grill

Special Features

​​Fully insulated firebox, using 1 inch insulation  Add $600

 Stainless Steel rack upgrade  Add $400

 ​Drip pan (not shown in photos)  Add $40

36'' Drum   Add $400
Counterweight   Add $100